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CrossFit Elviria Marbella wants to fuel a revelation in a new approach to fitness within the commercial - big box - gym engulfed market.  CrossFit is currently the most efficient and effective exercise program out there.

The CrossFit approach is to leave the modern day technology and gym machines to gather dust and replace them with basic functional movements - squatting, jumping, lifting, pulling, climbing, running, throwing and twisting - using key equipment:  barbells, kettle bells, ropes and medicine balls.

Here at CrossFit Elviria Marbella we believe that where you train is less important than how you train and that who you train with matters more than what gear you have. We know that this can be done in little boxes and that this environment is as good as any for forging elite fitness.

CrossFit is universally scalable, allowing us to target a full spectrum of clients regardless of age, gender and level of fitness. CrossFit combines gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning in workouts. It describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied (if not random) high intensity functional movement" with the stated goal of improving fitness.

Our program here at CrossFit Elviria Marbella delivers a fitness regime that is, by design, broad, general and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. CrossFit is a thriving style of fitness training. Consumers are slowly beginning to trade in their big box gym membership for a CrossFit box membership. They are not only entering into an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle, but one that also provides a sense of community.

The little box gym is vastly more than just a scaled down big box gym. The big box feeds off membership and is most profitable when thousands sign up but only a few hundred actually make it through the doors - normally due to a lack of trainer guidance, motivation and results. The small box operates as a fitness training business, with full participation and high retention of athletes as its goals. The client is better cared for in the little box gym - with professional trainer guidance, high motivation and noticeable results - and they know it.

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This Is CrossFit Eviria Marbella, taking fitness to the next level


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