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Open Gym

Open Gym

Open Gym will initially be open for athletes to:

  • Work on their weaknesses; skills such as muscle-ups, double-unders, pistols, chest-to-bar pull-ups, toes-to-bar, ring dips, etc.
  • Practise and refine Olympic lifts - cleans, snatches, jerks.
  • Perform basic lifts - squats, presses, dead lifts, etc. - to improve strength.

Open Gym hours are NOT for making-up WODs. If you cannot make a scheduled class due to other commitments, we advise you do the WOD on the white board and record your own time. All WODs have been designed to improve your all round level of fitness. If you have trained in a CrossFit session in the morning, there is no need to come in and make up your own WOD. Most of us do not need to WOD more – we need to continue to get stronger and address our individual weaknesses as CrossFitters, the coaches included. Open Gym is a chance for us to come together and support each other as we do that!

Open Gym will be unsupervised. However, there will always be a coach in the box. If you need help or advice, just ask. The Coach’s first priority will be to ensure a safe training environment for all athletes. In that regard their word is law, so please respect their authority! They will also assist you with any help you may need.

Finally, please be considerate of all other athletes during Open Gym and be sure to leave the gym cleaner than you found it.

This service is available for athletes with an Unlimited Membership Package only.

Please keep checking on the online calendar for Open Gym timings or check at the box.

Opening Times
CrossFit 08:3008:30 08:30 08:3008:30 09:00 Open Gym
CrossFit09:30 09:30 09:30 09:3009:30 10:00
CrossFit 10:30 10:30 10:30Closed @ 11:00
CrossFit18:0018:0018:00 18:0018:00

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