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As a former Royal Marines Commando, I have an extensive 10-year military career, from 1996 – 2006, which provided a vast array of training in both friendly and hostile environments. In 2006 my time with the Marines came to an abrupt end due to a serious injury whilst on operations in Iraq.

Following ten days on a life support machine and over 3 months of daily visits having   my wounds dressed, I started my own recovery program. My challenging recovery inspired me to re-train as a Personal Trainer (PT) as I have always had a passion for health and fitness. Further to the challenges that I had overcome personally, and the commitment it took to do so, I felt I had a great deal of knowledge and experience to offer clients.

Since re-training as a PT, I set up and ran, with my partner, Janina, CommandoFitness Personal Training Services and now regard myself as one of the most recognized Personal Trainers along the Costa del Sol.  The philosophy of my training stems from my practice in the Marines: integrity and application of a strategy to reaching and enabling athletes’ individual goals. 

During my time as a PT, I have helped many individuals reach and achieve their personal goals through my own passion for health and fitness, and my knowledge and expertise.

I came across CrossFit a few years ago when a friend of mine came to visit us in Spain. He put me through a few sessions, explained the concept and ethos, and I was hooked like many before me.

I introduced the CrossFit method into my daily workout routine for the next few months. Now I wanted a CrossFit box to be able to educate others on the methodology.

To fund this dream, I took a job in the Private Security Industry as a member of an armed security team escorting ships through the hostile Indian Ocean. When not on watch protecting the ships being attacked by Somalian pirates, I would sit for hours reading past CrossFit journals and practise out on deck new CrossFit movements that I had read about previously.

When on leave from the private security work, I would train at CrossFit Marbella.
In April 2013 my dream started to became reality as I gave up the private security work. I focused on personal training again and setting up my own CrossFit box when not training clients.
I booked on a CrossFit Level One cert in London and in August 2013 I received my CrossFit affiliation.


CrossFit Level One Trainer 
L2 Gym Instructor 
L3 Advanced Fitness Instructor
L3 Personal Trainer 
Kettle bell Instructor 
L1 Boxing Trainer

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