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At CrossFit Elviria we believe it is much more than just a place to improve fitness. Our goal is to create a community: the CrossFit community. Not only will our environment be most welcoming, but it will be challenging - physically and mentally - as well.

Everyone who walks into our box will have an individual goal from day one, no matter what that goal may be. You may want to excel in competition or just get into better “shape”. Others of you may have been talked into membership by a friend and have no idea why you are here or what your goal is. We will help you set one. Whatever the reason, we will look after you all in exactly the same way to help you find and achieve your personal goal.

We welcome people of all different fitness abilities, genders, weights and ages. We can scale any workout to any individual. We strive to bring out the best in every person who walks through our door and help them achieve their own fitness goals.

Our coaches are all CrossFit Level One Trainers and offer a comprehensive, professional and caring approach to your health and fitness goals.

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