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The SUMMER program has now come an end and
I would just like to thank all our regulars and visitors
our the past 3 months who have worked hard in this summer heat.
We've had visitors from Hong Kong, Taiwain, Singapore, South and North America, Saudi, Europe and North Africa to mention but a few.
Its been great to open our box
for the forth year to this international community.
So until next year visitors TRAIN HARD.

To our regulars, as we see the last few tourists leaving leaving the Coast its time for us to
ease off the gas and jump into a deload week before a 1 RM Retest the following week.
So by midd September we shall see the start of our new cycle.

The dark night will soon be here so expect to see a lot LESS running
and wait for the DU Tekkers and Rowers Tekkers which will replace
the 400Mts, 1000Mts and 1 mile runs.

This Week we will not be posting the WOD's online.
The week will be chilled and if you've had the summer off with family and friends
its an ideal time to jump by into the program.

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