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2 Rds
Bear Walk
200 Mts Run
5 Jumping Pull Ups Under Hand
7 Push Ups
9 Air Squats

A: In 15 Minutes Work To 3 RM Floor Press, (Approx 93% of 1 RM).
If you dont have 1RM Floor Press Work To This.

B: Every 90Secs For 12 Minutes 
6 Wide Grip Shrugs
4 Strict Weight Pull Ups

C: With A 9 Minute Running Clock
4 Minutes AMRAP
Max Wall Balls Unbroken, Drop Ball 3 Box Jumps and Repeat
Rest 2 Minutes
3 Minutes AMRAP
10 Wall Ball Sit Ups
10 Med Ball Cleans
Record Total Number Or Reps Not Including Box Jumps

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